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Finally we present you some of the top secret Inter-US email cables circulated among top US authorities prior to the F-16 deal made by USA with Pakistan. The following information were leaked by the King of whistle blowers "Wikileaks". Check out each one carefully and notice the kind of decisions taken by US and on what basis.

HERE WE GO...!!!


1) USA made the deal due to this kind of reasons.

Pakistan is the most important front-line state in our battle against extremists who threaten the U.S. and our allies. In post's view, preserving the F-16 program, which is the flagship symbol of post 9/11 bilateral re-engagement, is critical to our goals of enabling Pakistan to combat militants so U.S. troops will not have to, protect essential fuel/cargo shipments in support of our troops in Afghanistan, and buying time to deter escalation of any possible Indo-Pak conflict.

3) This point shows concern of USA about technology transfer to China by Pakistan.

What is broadly referred to as the "F-16 case" is really three individual cases:
(1) a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program purchase of 18 new aircraft, to be paid for entirely with Pakistani funds.
(2) Renovation (Mid-Life Upgrade) on 35 of Pakistan's fleet of 46 older F-16s, which include aircraft acquired through the Excess Defense Articles (EDA) program, to be paid partially with FMF funding; and.
(3) a $641 million munitions case, to be purchased using Pakistani national funds. The Pakistanis also will have to pay $80 million to install the upgrade kits in Turkey and more than $125 million to build and secure a separate F-16 base because of USG concerns about potential technology transfer to China.

4) Few main reasons of the deal.

Our goal is to enable Pakistan to fight the militants using Pakistani safe havens so that we will not have to deploy U.S. troops to do the job. Post agrees that F-16s are not the ideal tool for targeting militants and we are working to enhance Pakistan's combat helicopter fleet/capabilities. In the meantime, however, there are few other options. Pakistan already is using its F-16s in counter-insurgency (COIN) operations in the tribal areas, but its inability to executive precision targeting or fly at night creates counter-productive civilian casualties and minimizes operations. The new/MLU aircraft and their munitions packages (with JDAMs and GBUs) will improve Pakistan's precision strike and night vision capability. Through the Torkham BCC/Joint Coordination Center, we are enhancing Pakistan's ability to collect intelligence in support of ground and air combat operations in FATA. But Pakistan still needs an adequate number of new/MLU F-16s to better execute many of these operations.


While we understand New Delhi's opposition to the program, the reality is that this program will not degrade India's overwhelming air superiority over Pakistan(this was notified by a top US delegation to South-Asia). Reducing the munitions package will not significantly affect either costs or regional stability. We have and will deny arms sales that we believe would upset the regional balance of power, as we have with the recent GOP request to buy the Coastal Targeting Suppression System, which enables Harpoon missiles to be fired at land or near-land targets using GPS technology.

If our goal is to press the Army to change strategy and redeploy forces from the Indian border, punishing the Air Force by canceling this sale will not help us. It will emphasize that we favor maintaining Indian superiority at Pakistan's expense and feed anti-Americanism throughout the military.

To overcome overwhelming Indian military superiority, Pakistan developed both its nuclear/missile program and its air power. F-16 aircraft, armed with AMRAAMS, essentially buy time to delay Pakistan considering the nuclear option in a conflict with India. Given India's overwhelming military superiority, this would only be a few days, but these days would allow critical time to mediate and prevent nuclear conflict.
 USA was thinking of providing AMRAAM to delay Pakistan in taking any nuclear measure. HOW PATHETIC and LAME..!!

India enjoys an almost 2-1 advantage (736 to 370) over Pakistan in advanced multipurpose fighters. Pakistan's shortfalls in training and tactics multiply India's edge. Pakistan also plans to buy/jointly produce 150 inferior JF-17 fighters from China, but it is unclear how they will pay for them. Meanwhile, India plans to acquire 126 multi-purpose fighters (F-18 or equivalent) that will give the GOI significant new technologies and further expand its air superiority over Pakistan.

The above leaked cables clearly shows the air and ground inferiority of Pakistan compared to India. It also mentions the hidden truths related to the controversial F-16 deal made by USA with Pakistan.

PS: This post contains some coded words like in cable 4 it says that "post agrees". We don't know what that means and it is better to be kept secret. Also we do not do code breaking and cipher stuff(because we don't want CIA swarming our asses) so please forgive us if are facing any difficulties.

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God Bless India.
Jai hind.

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