Saturday, 15 September 2012


KALI (KALI: kilo-ampere linear injector) was initially developed for
industrial applications by Bhabha Atomic Research Center (Barc). But recent reports indicates that it could also be used as a potential weapon as a High-Power Microwave gun, which could destroy incoming missiles and aircraft through soft-kill (destroying the electronic circuitry on the missile).
Bursts of microwaves packed with gigawatts of power (one gigawatt is 1000 million watts) produced by this machine, when aimed at enemy missiles and aircraft, will cripple their electronics systems and computer chips and bring them down.
This kind of system also has advantages over the so called laser weapon which destroys by drilling holes through metal to reach the inner electronic circuitry of missiles and aircraft
Unlike the traditional EMP devices, KALI-5000 is a rapid fire device, and hence its potential as a beam weapon is high.
This system works by creating deadly electromagnetic impulses (Emi) similar to those generated by nuclear weapons. The Emi disables the navigational and guidance systems by creating intense electric field of several thousand volts per centimeter. The electronic components currently used in missiles can withstand fields of Just 300 volts per centimeter.

The KALI-5000 is a pulsed accelerator of 1 MeV electron energy, 50-100 ns pulse time, 40kA Current and 40 GW Power level.The Microwave radiations emitted by the KALI-5000 are in the   3–5 GHz Range.
According to Barc-published reports, the machine will shoot several
thousand bursts of microwaves, each burst lasting for just 60 billionths
of a second.

However, weaponisation of the KALI will take some time. The system is still under development, and efforts are being made to make it more compact, as well as improve its recharge time, which, at the present, makes it only a single use system.
There have been reports of placing the weaponized KALI in an Il-76 aircraft as an airborne defense system. There is also speculation of using the KALI as an Anti-satellite weapon and as a space-based weapon system, has made it, in the eyes of China a threat.

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