Sunday, 16 September 2012


In this article we want to shed some light on India's future ICBM or Inter Continental Ballistic Missile project Agni-VI.

Agni-VI, India's future ICBM or a Inter Continental Ballistic Missile is reported to be in very rudimentary stages of development by DRDO. It will be the latest and most advanced version among the Agni missiles. Capable of being launched from submarines or from land, it will be able to strike a target at a distance of 8,000–10,000 km with up to 10 MIRVed warheads. Our sources also claims that the ICBM is already named "Surya" and code named AGNI-VI. But is an unofficial report and awaits confirmation.

Till 2009, it was reported that the Government of India had not considered the development of an ICBM with a range of 10,000 km or above but the threats possessed by India's hostile neighbors have forced India to think offensively.

Until April 2012 the existence of an ICBM program was unclear and was never officially acknowledged by the DRDO. But on April 19 2012 India announced proudly to the world about its existence by test firing the Agni-V(with a big explosion).

The SLBM version or Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile version of the Agni-VI will arm the Arihant class submarines of the Indian Navy. DRDO revealed in 2012 that it is also in the process of developing another variant of Agni-VI missile. This will be a submarine launched solid fuel missile with a maximum range of 6,000 kilometres and a payload of one tonne.

Many news papers questioned DRDO about India's ICBM capabilities. In answer they gave the Agni-V. Some newspapers reports also claim that Russia is willing to provide India with "seeker technology" for the development of these missiles. But the involvement of Russia out of proportion, because if the report about Russian involvement is true, Russia may be suspected of violating the Missile Technology Control Regime. And moreover India believes in Independence, so Russian help can be easily ruled out.
DRDO scientist firmly asserted that India has all the equipments and technology needed to develop ICBMs "but where the warhead should go or what the range should be will have to be, as usual, a political call.

As a whole, we can summarize that India's neighbors specially for China it wont be easy to confront us and mainly Pakistan don't stand a chance also when needed India will be prepared.

Glory At Any Cost.

God bless India.
Jai hind.

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