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There was a time when Indians fought hand in hand to ward off British Raj and other evils. Soldiers defended border posts from infiltrators. But that, was a long long time ago. Those days, those people, those feelings of patriotism, those GOVERNMENTS... seems like a fairy tale with a happy ending...

In July 2012 the Indian state of Assam saw outbreaks of riots between peoples of the indigenous "Bodo tribe" and "migrants of Bangladeshi origin". This violent outbreak follows ethnic tensions between the indigenous Bodo community and Muslims immigrants from Bangladesh who settled in Assam. While the Bangladeshi community claims that they are descendants of East Bengali Muslims brought to Assam during the British Raj but the local communities allege that the Muslim population has increased, boosted by refugees from the erstwhile East Pakistan and by subsequent illegal migrants from Bangladesh. Over 4,00,000 people were being displaced from almost 400 villages and given shelter in 270 relief camps all over lower Assam. But the ripples of this violence have traveled all over India. As a result of which students and officials from the north-eastern Indian states had received threats to evacuate places like Bangalore, Pune, Andhra Pradesh etc.. Over 30,000 people fled Bangalore after the clashes. Attacks on people hailing from NE States increased.

Rumors were spread by foreign elements outside Assam and India that the clashes were "COMMUNAL" and not "ETHNIC". Which means the clashes were between the "HINDUS" and the "MUSLIMS". But the truth is that the clashes were between the indigenous "Indians" and the "Bangladeshi infiltrators". Pakistan exhaustively tried to give the communal tag to the clashes and convince the Indian people to clash among each other as they wanted to weaken the unity and integrity among the Indians(They are jealous because they don't have that good quality).


Where is the "GOVERNMENT" when we need them??

The Boroland Territorial Council (BTC) formerly a militant group known as BLT wanted a separate Bodo state. Where are they when the Bodos need their help??

The political parties ruling Assam and India are mainly responsible for these clashes. The hand of foreign elements like the "Pakistan based intelligence agency ISI" cant possibly be denied either, as the calls and emails that spread rumors that the violence is "communal" rather than "ethnic" were traced back to Pakistan. The ISI hand has become so visible in Assam that it will soon become justifiable for people to ask whether the Center regards the Northeast as a part of India or not. The ISI has been trying to destabilize India since its establishment in 1948(just after India's independence). They have been supplying arms, ammunitions, explosives, etc. to militant outfits based in India to create disturbances inside the country. According to our sources the recent clashes were an attempt by the ISI to destabilize the North-Eastern border of India so that the governments concentration shifts to this part of India and less on Indo-Pak border, so that they can continue their infiltration, smuggling and other illegal terrorist activities along the Indo-Pak border. Recently there were many infiltration attempts made by Pakistani terrorists on the Indo-Pak border. But all the terrorists were killed and attempts were fortunately thwarted successfully by the Indian Army. These clashes were also a undeniable outcome of the Assam government's and Central Indian government's failure to implement the Assam Accord.

According to the fifth point Assam Accord::::

Foreigners who came to Assam after 1.1.1966 (inclusive) and up to 24th March, 1971 shall be detected in accordance with the provisions of the Foreigners Act, 1946 and the Foreigners (Tribunals) Order 1964. Names of foreigners so detected will be deleted from the electoral rolls in force. Such persons will be required to register themselves before the Registration Officers of the respective districts in accordance with the provisions of the Registration of Foreigners Act, 1939 and the Registration of Foreigners Rules, 1939. Foreigners who came to Assam on or after March 25, 1971 shall continue to be detected, deleted and practical steps shall be taken to expel such foreigners. The Government will give due consideration to certain difficulties expressed by the AASU/AAGSP regarding the implementation of the Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunals) Act, 1983.

Okay readers,

Tell us something. How does a men or women feel when he or she is denied their CONSTITUTIONAL rights in his/her OWN COUNTRY?? The bodos are the indigenous tribe of North East India and they need to be PROTECTED!!

If the influx issue is not taken up seriously with the government, it wont be only Bodos but, will soon be all of us, running out of our homes, our lands, in fear of the Bangladeshi infiltrators.

Its time we make a stand. Support AASU and NESO. They are doing a great job protesting. If we don't protest now the "VOTE HUNGRY" politicians will fill up our states and lands with the infiltrators and we would be held prisoners in our own homes.

How can we forget the Sacrifices made by our elders to secure Assam? Did you forget "Gopinath Bordoloi" "Maniram Dewan" "Lachit Borphukon" "Bishnuprasad Rabha"...they died securing Assam's future. Gopinath Bordoloi even led a movement against Chinese to secure Assam during the 1962 Sino-Indian War.

"Freedom ain't free. Even if I have to face death a thousand times for the sake of my Motherland, I shall not be sorry."





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