Friday, 5 October 2012


Today we provide you another ultimate equipment of the Indian armed forces.

Shri Lakshmi Defence Solutions, a leading suppliers of defence equipments for the Indian armed forces had yet again proved their worth by developing a new attacking as well as defending vehicle for the Indian defence forces. Its name is "VIPER".

VIPER is based on a traditional SUV configuration of four side doors and a single rear luggage door. It also contains a rotating turret and cross-country run flat tyre. It also has a pick-up van style platform for additional cargo and heavy artillery payload.

The VIPER carries a total crew complement of six plus four and is armored to exceed the European B7 Armour. It can take on heavy attacks while moving as the rear portion is converted to a bullet proof morcha, providing complete protection to rear crew members and equipments.
As for the interior,
The lower part of all the 4 doors of this vehicle have been fitted with removable heavy-duty armour steel panels which can be removed immediately and can be used as Ballistic shields in emergency thus providing cover for the commandos to move closer to the target on foot where the vehicle cannot reach.
The inner walls are lined with ballistic blankets which can be used as bomb blankets while any emergency repairs or providing cover to VVIPs. VIPER seats are fitted with blast resistant panels which can be also used as additional panels or replacement panels for body armours.

The VIPER is an ideal vehicle for cross country and swift operations with complete team of six fully loaded commandos. It is also an excellent patrol vehicle. It can be used as for VVIPs while traveling long distance.

The induction of VIPER by the Indian armed forces is another visible step towards becoming a super power in the near future.


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